Responsive website design starts with adapting to the width of the screen the user is viewing your website on. Good responsive web developers and designers also take into account certain aspects which will make the website load on a mobile device quicker.

We go further, we look at your objective, your goals and what would be most relevant for the user on that particular device. We then look to reorder and repurpose information, graphics, images to suit their requirements. For example – is the person looking at your website on a mobile nearby and wanting directions or to get in touch? If so we make the telephone number and direction map the priority. All the websites our designers and developers plan, design and build are responsive to the device and to the user.

responsive website design


For a truly responsive website, your marketing strategy needs to be fully responsive too. By fully understanding your business objective. We then work with this information and your target audience’s goals (if you aren’t sure who they are we can help you identify them too) so that their goals and your objectives are aligned. To ensure your message, your marketing and your website are responsive we can monitor your audience’s behavior and habits both on your website and beyond.

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