Once we have Refined your brand, whether it be a new identity or a re-brand, we can then apply your new logo, fonts, colours and overall identity to all of your company material. This normally starts with the re-design of your stationery. It is important to start integrating your new identity as soon as it launched with matching communication documentation so as not to confuse your customers.


We love a brochure project here at Refined By. Physical printed marketing materials have become less common in recent years due to the development of new technology, but we believe that nothing quite beats a well designed, luxury printed brochure in the hands of a customer for exuberating quality. We have many years of print design experience, which means the final design is always to spec, on target and per your brief. Our experience also means we can advise you on the print finish, recommend printing companies, and even use our industry discounts to get you competitive pricing. We can then create digital versions of your brochure for use on your website.


Print design is much more than just paper and ink, it is a world filled with design possibilities that can help you really stand out from the crowd.

Beyond paper and ink is a variety of unique and beautiful print finishes, intent on elevating your business card, brochure or advertising material into truly beautiful pieces of work. Finishing processes come in various forms, and are applied to a design in order to create a unique look or feel, alter the shape and size of a piece or provide functionality and presentation enhancements. Selecting the correct finish for your artwork can be difficult, but will add depth and interest to your design.

Selecting the ideal finish for your design will be dependent on the product and its intended use and audience. From varnishes to folds, embossing to perforation, the list of potential finishes is broad, and highly likely to provide that special something you’ve been looking for.

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