Design is always evolving both in terms of style and the requirements of designers. We have undertaken hundreds of design projects, from stationary and corporate brochures, to office interiors and packaging.

As the digital age develops, more of our design needs to work across multiple platforms; a brochure is no longer just a print job, but may need to be an interactive element on a website, or a 'video-infograph.' We always design your print with other mediums in mind, both with our ideas and our practices. That’s what makes us multi-media designers.


There is something instantly recognisable and individual about an illustration. Could an illustration – characters, infographics, diagrams, wall murals work for your brand? More importantly your target Audience? Refined by can create a completely unique design to enhance or compliment your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.


You’ll may already have a good idea of the type of contacts you’d like to make at the show or, even better, precisely whom you’d like to meet. Left to chance, these people might walk straight past your stand, or visit when your best staff are on a coffee break. We can help you avoid leaving anything to chance and engineer their right people talking to your right people. We do:

  • Exhibition and event planning
  • Literature and handouts
  • Exhibition stands
  • New graphic schemes
  • Digital display materials
  • Sales tools
  • Something "off the wall" to get you noticed
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