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November 2015

Category: Development


You’re an innovative company. You operate in an advanced technology market. You’ve got a great product. But what does your web presence say about you?

Do you stand out from the crowd and outshine your competitors?


Does it display well, no matter what device your audience is looking at you on?


Or is it something you hope your potential customers will never see?

The web is a wonderful starting point for research. After an initial telephone call with a new lead there are a number of search queries we run past the fountain of all knowledge, Google. The company name, the individual’s name, affiliated companies – and then we turn to the social channels, getting personal with a search on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
Imagine a department store. They could have the best products at the best prices, but if no one goes inside the store, all the effort they put into sourcing the products, running the store and training staff is futile. So what do they do? They invest heavily in their storefront windows. They create inviting window displays that grab people’s attention on the high street and entice them indoors.
This is the role your website plays.Landing on your website will be the first, and in some cases, the only, interaction your customers have with your company. So just like a shop window, you need to make it enticing to ‘bring people in’. Your website needs to be unique – a bespoke template, original images and convey your brand ethos through tone and content. But above all this, it needs to be innovative, making the best use of the latest technologies, because that is your company’s USP.
Consider the appearance of your website on a mobile, or tablet. Does it still say you are forward-thinking? If more than half your expected audience are viewing your website on a mobile device should you not be looking to cater for their needs? You cannot expect users to zoom in and out to read certain sections of the site, or attempt to fill in a contact form that hides the input fields below the keyboard. All those annoying things that happen on a competitor’s website simply cannot happen on yours.
And what about the second search? Are you taking advantage of the hunt for your company and key individuals on social media. It’s easy to overlook, but establishing a social media strategy and caring about your overall web presence shows that as a market-leader you embrace the modern business methods we all employ when searching for a new service provider. There’s nearly always a choice of suppliers, so covering as many aspects as possible will help you stand out from the crowd.
Your website and your web presence needs to measure up to your overall company ethos and business objectives.

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