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January 2016

Category: Development


With an abundance of devices and technologies available, websites can do virtually anything nowadays but it all comes at a price. So, it is worth spending some time planning your website carefully to ensure that you commission a site that fulfills your objectives.
If we were to suggest one golden rule, it would be to keep your intended audience at the forefront of your mind as this should guide what your website will look like and the functionalities it will require.
Appearance is crucial; customers’ expectations in terms of a website’s appearance are high and research shows that visitors decide within 7 seconds of arriving on a site whether to stay or go. So making a good first impression is vital and design should never be neglected. Simply taking a template could mean your website is almost identical to a competitor, using stock photography can portray the wrong impression. A unique design may cost more, but building your brand in the right way is worth the investment.
As far as functionalities are concerned, again ask yourself what your visitors really need or expect. Animations, videos, and interactive functions may cost more, but will add value to your website. They prove, as part of the first impression, that you care enough to spend money on yourself and this reflects positively on your brand.
But, never distract your visitors from the end goal, ensure navigation is clear and the user journey is at the forefront of all the decisions you make about the website. Remember not every visitor arrives at the home-page, so allow customers the ability to choose where they want to go, whilst offering a guiding hand.

Below are some of the common problems we encounter that delay the launch of a site:

Changing objectives
Trying to integrate additional functionality
Forgetting about your customers’ needs
Every project will encounter its own problems – some small, some major – and planning at the start of a project may appear to be holding up the project’s progress, but done correctly it will help keep your project on budget and on schedule.

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