Based in Lancaster, we are designers, developers and strategists hell bent on helping our clients deliver their message to their audience. We work with a range of clients form start ups to blue chip based in the UK, Europe, USA and beyond. Passionate about our work, we help our clients strengthen their relationship with their current audience, help them identify and reach new audiences making the most of our expertise, research and the various marketing channels available both on and offline. Refined By are a full service marketing and web agency.

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Refined (rr'faind)

adjective 1 not coarse or vulgar; genteel, elegant, or polite 2 freed from impurities; purified

synonyms purified, pure, clarified, clear, strained, sifted, filtered, processed, treated, polished, technical, rectified

verb to make or become free from coarse characteristics; make or become elegant or polished

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